When should I book my Maternity session?

Your beautiful bump is best photographed between 34-36 weeks.

Where do Maternity sessions take place?

There are a few options we can consider. No doubt your baby's nursery is all ready and you would like some lifestyle pictures at home? Perhaps you're an early riser and want to capture some stunning sunrise images on the beach? Maybe a slow stroll through Centennial Park, relaxing in the long grass is more your thing? We are spoilt for choice with Sydney's stunning backdrops. Combine that with your beautiful bump and there we have mother nature at it's very finest!

What should we wear for our Maternity session?

Bumps always look gorgeous in a long maxi dress. Cardigans and shirts are great for showing off your bump while also keeping your chest covered. If you are absolutely loving your pregnant body and feel confident rocking a bikini, then you go girlfriend! The important thing is to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. Also, please feel free to change outfits during the session. I’m more than happy to discuss clothing options with you.

Your partner and other children are of course more than welcome to join us for the session. Try to choose clothes that are logo/text free as this can be distracting. Patterns and pops of colour are fine.  

When should I book my Newborn session?

Please call and book your session during your pregnancy. If I know your predicted due date we can make a tentative booking. Once your precious baby arrives, please call to arrange a suitable time and date. Please bear in mind that newborns are best photographed when they are between 5-10 days old!

Where do Newborn sessions take place?

Newborn sessions normally take place in the comfort of your own home.

What style of Newborn photographer are you?

While you've been looking around for your newborn photographer, you will have most likely come across two different directions: Lifestyle and Posed. I am inspired by both these styles.

I love Lifestyle because photographing you interacting with your new baby in the home environment is so wonderful. This produces results that are deeply unique and personal to you.

I also adore Posed imagery as it provides a great opportunity to capture the fine detail and beauty of your little one. I will set up my newborn posing pod (like a large beanbag) next to one of the windows in your home for a natural light source. When your baby is fast asleep, we can create some gently posed images. I like to keep the images very simple with minimal styling - a timeless reminder of how your baby looked at just a few days old. I might include a simple wrap but that's about it. This part of the session can sometimes take a few hours so it's a great time for you to put your feet up and relax :)

Do I need to make any preparations?

I will arrive at your home with a large posing pillow (very much like a bean bag) for your baby to lie on, a suitcase full of lovely wraps and blankets, plus of course my camera equipment. I will require a space near one of the windows in your home to set up. The chosen area needs to be toasty and warm to keep your baby cosy and content so please warm the room with heaters before I arrive. I will also bring a small heater with me.

Please don't be overwhelmed by this. I'm happy to pop by prior to our session or we can talk over the phone to discuss ideal options so there are no surprises.

What should we wear for the Newborn session?

Please dress your baby in a loose all-in-one and wrap lightly to avoid pressure marks on their skin from tight clothes. This will also make it easy for us to undress your baby without too much disturbance.

I would recommend parents and siblings to wear plain, neutral clothes so the focus is mainly on the newborn.

When will I be able to view my images?

You will receive a link to your own online gallery 4 weeks after the shoot. From there you will be able to download ALL the photos. Each image is beautifully edited in both colour and black & white.

How many images are in my gallery?

You will have over 50+ beautiful photos. Each image is beautifully edited in both colour and black & white.

How do I make a print order?

You are able to view all the session images and place your order of prints/artworks directly from your personal online Photo Gallery.

I am always happy to help with the selection process if and when you need me.
There are no hidden costs and I never EVER hard sell. The only thing I ask is that you make your selection within 3 weeks of receiving your gallery, thank you!

How long does it take to receive my products?

Around 2 - 3 weeks. Please place your order within 3 weeks of receiving your online Photo Gallery.